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Vichy Waterproof Eye Makeup Remover

Introducing the Vichy Waterproof Eye makeup remover! This all-natural product is designed to clean and protect your eyes with the help of a single, gentle step, keep your eyes healthy and dry with the Vichy Eye makeup remover.

Vichy Waterproof Eye Makeup Remover Amazon

This water resistant make up remover is splendid for sensitive eyes, it is an 5. 1 oz, product and it works well on skin. The Vichy Waterproof make up remover is again vegan and contains vegetable oil which makes it effortless to use, this make up remover is further basic to operate and it leaves your eyes clean and clear. This Waterproof Eye makeup remover is produced with blue and black materials that are hard to come by in the market today, it is a safe and gentle way that can be use on both the inside and the outside of your eyes. It is again non-toxic and extends an one-time use policy, it is likewise fantastic for shoppers skin. This product comes with an 100 ml bottle which can remove eyeshadow and makeup easily and quickly, it comes with a sour smell to remind you of the product's name, making it effortless to handle.