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Makeup Remover Cloth

This set of five microfiber cloths is perfect for cleaning your eyes and skin in front of yourself. The colorful cosmetic decorative reusable cloth box is a great way to add a touch of luxury to your appearance.

Wonder Cloth Makeup Remover - 1 pack

Microfiber Makeup Remover

Microfiber makeup remover is a tool that can easily and quickly remove any makeup from your skin. This powerful tool is best for removing makeup that heavy use or from eyes to hair. It is also great for remove sunscreen and defend yourself from the elements.

Makeup Remover Towels

These new reusable cleansing pads are a great way to get your skin looking its best! They are washable and durable which is always a plus. They come with a microfiber film that is meant to clean your skin's oil and sweat away. They're also comfortable to wear and you can use them up or down as you please. the five pack makeup removing cloth is a great tool for removing makeup from all areas of the skin. It is reusable and can be used multiple times without needing to take off and it is also water resistant. these reusable facial makeup cloths come with a eraser towel shape that makes it easy to remove makeup without using up your entire block. The soft and comfortable fabric will keep you feeling clean and dry all day long. this makeupremover is perfect for removing makeup from all areas of the body - including the face. It's made of cotton and is also water resistant, making it perfect for use on furniture, countertops, etc.